Code of Ethics

The International Society of Counselling and Clinical Supervisors (ISOCCS) is composed of trained and qualified supervisors, people engaged in the professional preparation of supervisors, and people responsible for their ongoing supervision. Members will be required to adhere to Ethical Standards of ISOCCS and to general codes of competence as accredited by different professional bodies and/or that follows the Australian AQF Levels of Qualifications. 


ISOCCS believes that supervisors and their educators in any education settings, including the range of education and mental health delivery systems, carry responsibilities unique to their job role within the supervision framework.


Supervisors and their educators encounter situations which challenge the help given by general ethical standards of the profession at large. These situations require more specific guidelines that provide appropriate guidance in every day supervision practice.


The CODE OF ETHICS is an initial guideline for supervisors in their supervision practice.

The guidelines shall be formally reviewed on an annual basis in collaboration with the heads of professional bodies, their members, and peer supervisors.


As ETHICAL STANDARDS, in an international contents, are not universal, it is important to remember the social and cultural differences that determine acceptable behaviour.

Updated 11/03/2015